​​In preparing and planning for the loss of our father, Crown Memorial was outstanding. The staff was extremely compassionate and thoughtful. Walking us through the steps and explaining every detail. Our father passed away monday morning, Crown was prompt and attentive. The transportation was timely, they paid attention to the details in which we had asked for our father's cremation. Wednesday we received a call that his remains were ready. The pistachio urn was beautiful! In a time of great loss, Crown Memorial was a huge comfort to us.

Erin Bankhardt

I was surprised how easy the process was. All the staff from picking up my mom to the director's were so informative, respectful and caring. I would definitely recommend Crown Memorial.

Nick McFallo

Very professional and kind. Everything was done perfectly. Would highly recommend.

Theresa Carlson

This was a great place at a not so good time in my life. They took gentle and loving care of my mom. Always kept me informed and safety and security was very high on their list. I recommend them to all.

Penny Caldwell

My mother unexpectedly passed on. Crown was amazing and efficient in a time that felt as if everything was falling to pieces. Very kind.

Nicole Alldritt

Very Helpful and Patient with us in our time of grief appreciate the additional Support, Sincerely Donald Riley.

Donald Riley

At one of the worst times in my life, this place made our loss as easy and bearable as they could for myself and for my family. They were very kind and compassionate and really went the extra mile to be helpful and make sure things went exactly as we needed them to in a situation that was already beyond difficult. Nobody wants to have to utilize a service like this, but if necessary we would go back to Crown again in a heartbeat. We are very thankful for them.

Jennifer Silvas

I found the folks at Crown Memorial to very kind and understanding. They were very attentive to our needs which in turn helped to make a very difficult time significantly more bearable.

Gary Giacci

Having to arrange my Aunt's cremation from out of state, I wondered how well this would work. It couldn't have been better. Crown Memorial was great. Easy to work with, and helped when needed. Thanks to Crown Memorial for making this go smoothly.

Debra Calvert

They were very friendly, professional, kind, understanding, HELPFUL, and punctual!! I would highly recommend this place! Very nice inside there building great prices if you don’t have a lot of money lots of options!

Alberto Martinez